Work with me

You’re feeling frustrated and know that the work you’re doing isn’t really fulfilling you.

You feel like you know what you’re good at, but can’t see how this translates to a different career or business.

You know that something has to change, but feel scared to take the leap, because you don’t know what your leaping into.

You feel trapped because your current situation brings in money, helps pay the bills and provides some sense of security….but you still feel stuck!

You like a lot of what you do in your work, and the people you work with but don’t want to just hop into another position that feels exactly the same.

You often feel like you’re living the same day, and experiencing the same feelings on repeat.  You crave the weekends only to feel that ‘uuuuughh’ in the pit of your stomach on Monday night..

If this sounds like you, first of all know that you’re not alone.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

So many people out there experience these very feelings but many chose to stay exactly where they are and not change anything.  Instead they continue to crave weekends and holidays and maybe what for their retirement before doing what they really want to do….in the meantime often having a moan to anyone who’ll listen!

Then there are others, like you who are looking for answers and ways to make changes but in way that isn’t overly dramatic or going to cause the them to feel scared because they need to re-train, loose income or take years out to figure out what to do.

If this feels like you I offer a very limited number of 1:1 Psychology Coaching packages for people wanting to focus on leaving their current employment and move forward to something that feels like a better fit, whether that be a different career or their own business.

We will do this in a way that honours where you’re at, takes into consideration your current situation and also allows for no loss of income, as we will look to scaffold this into your exiting structure.

The package consists of 6 sessions over an 8 week period and is designed to take you through a series of strategies to help you do the following:

– Get clear on what it is you are good at and what you want to do or offer (you can start with an already existing idea or we can help you clarify this).

– To set in motion a clear road-map that you can follow to achieving it including a scheduled plan of action for the following year.

– To address your current psychology/existing blocks that may have prevented you from doing this until now – this will help you to identify them and push through them in the future

– To positively impact your mind-set and help you start to feel better and brighter about where you’re heading….because you now know what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it.

So, if you feel like you would like to crack on with this process and work with me, the process is by application.

In this case you just need to fill in the contact form below and you will be notified within 5 working days as to the outcome and a choice of start dates if appropriate.

It’s important to note in this case that not everyone will be a good fit for APE Psychology Coaching.  Based your application, and where appropriate, I may suggest alternative modalities that I feel would be more helpful, though if you have any further questions that you an also email me at

**All details submitted here are completely confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties**