Why the APE?…

…good question!


As the founder of A.P.E I’d like to share with you a little more about why an APE is at the heart of Ape-athy?  I mean isn’t this just a re-hash of other programmes like the Chimp Paradox or something like that?

The simple answer is NO.  It’s quite different, here I’ll explain why.


We are just another APE.

Unlike the typical evolutionary pathways you see where we are depicted as ‘evolving’ from our chimp relatives, we did not actually ‘come from’ the chimp genus so to speak.  In actual fact we merely share a common ancestor ( I say merely…..it’s actually completely amazing!).

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It’s like saying that you and a chimp share a Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother.  Consider that  her 2 daughters then had kids of their own and so on and so forth.

Now, one of those daughters is YOUR Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother and the other would be your Great, Great, Great, Great Aunty.  So….it’s your aunty’s family who went on to produce chimps and other primates, whereas YOUR branch of the tree resulted in us…the HUMAN or homo-sapien-being type APEs we see today.

That first Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandma is thought to be the missing link that is spoken about all the time in research and literature, and the really fascinating thing is that we are finding new skeletons all the time that help to shed light on the other ancestors we share that make up the evolutionary pathway (CLICK HERE to be take to RESOURCES to find out more).

 – Where does A.P.E fit in?- 

So, consider for a moment the momentous and radically different pathway of thinking and being and behaving and responding to the environment, that THAT APE, our common Grandmother,  would have had to have executed to produce humans versus the other APEs we see around us today?

 This is how Ape-athy was born.

As a psychologist who has worked  with literally thousands of people from all walks of life in my years of teaching and practice, ( I know this as fact as I had to calculate it for the British Psychological Society!),  I can tell you that I have seen and been privileged to witness the intimate themes that connect us.

I have heard about the problems and issues we experience when we try and make changes.  The the things that prevent us from making lasting shifts in our behaviour, and as a result I can  tell you this…

…we are more similar than different regardless of who we are or where we come from, and we typically desire the same things.

I can also tell you that what I have witnessed, when people struggle with changing something they are unhappy with, whether that be their life purpose, their career or job, their finances, their behaviours, their body or their relationships with their loved ones, partners or families, that it often comes from an internal apathy about how any change would be made.

This is especially true if they have tried things before and been ‘proven wrong’, rejected, it’s not worked, they’ve been scared or fearful or come across any other brick wall that could prevent them from moving forward.

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 – Your future – 

Now, consider that this could look very different.

That ancestor of yours thought, and MUST have behaved AND acted very differently to the ‘norm’  to have resulted in what you see before you as you look in the mirror.

In APE-ATHY then, we harness what we know about psychology, human evolution, science, so physics, biology, chemisty, sport and exercise, philosophy, drama and the arts, and a little magic….the list goes on, in a way that enhances our own evolution in this moment.

The philosophy of Ape-athy is to look at what we can do differently, as the strap line says….

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 Evidence for this is in abundance.  Take any form of creation, impact, forward motion and you see an APE at the heart of this that has driven this change; from breaking the sound barrier, to walking on the moon, to the small things that enable us to make changes in our daily lives.

This is why an APE is at the very heart of Ape-athy.

Because we are just another APE…

…and in this cluttered world we can really benefit from having access to coherent and clear information that will help to evolve us as human-beings.  In breaking that cycle of apathy and in consciously striving to move forward, we are then more able to live a life that is happy, successful and productive…this is what helps us to reach a new level of evolution!

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