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…I mean that in a loving way!

If you’ve clicked on this tab, maybe it’s because you’re a bit like me.

I always want to know more about people.  How things started, why someone is doing what they are doing for work/play, do they have cats, are they in a relationship, what city they live in…all that kind of thing.

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So let me save you some Googling.

My name is Serena and I am the person behind the business you see here.

Ape Model Psychology is a culmination of my life’s work which includes over 22 years working in the field of Psychology, that includes:

Time as a teenager working in my mother’s group therapy home for psychiatric patients

Time as an Psychiatric Auxiliary nurse working in the community

Working in a hospital in a psychogeratric unit

Working with autistic children in New Zealand

Working as a carer in an Acquired Brain Injury Unit in New Zealand  (one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had!)

Working as a phlebotomist on a Psychiatric Ward  in New Zealand

As a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator in my own business (NZ & UK)

Time working for HM Prison Service as a Cognitive Behavioural Programmes Audit manager back here at home in the UK

In a practice role as an Assistant Psychologist at Rampton Hospital

And finally for the last 11 years I’ve worked as a Senior Psychology Lecturer in a UK based University

I am now a Chartered Teaching Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and for the last 3.5 years, alongside my Academic work, I’ve worked in my own private practice, teaching and coaching Psychology to all manner of people  and in all manner of places.

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My focus is on Peak Performance and Change Psychology…in other words think the love child of Brené Brown and Tony Robbins (sorry Tony and Brené!)

I’m also well known in the world of all things criminal/forensic and frequently appear in the media to give my opinion and profile on the latest case. So if you do Google me, don’t be put off by pictures of Serial Killers.  My only connection is work related….promise!


In amongst all of this I have done, and still continue to do lots of things, as I consider myself to be Multi-passionate.  In fact my business used to be completely focussed on this.  To see more about this, you can stalk even more and go over to my old site if you CLICK HERE (this will be up for a short duration before being taken down).


I love to sing (I’ve been in lots of band/groups), I paint (and have exhibited and sold my work), and for years I performed Improvised Comedy all over the world including my beloved Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Right now, I live in Nottingham in the UK, Robin Hood county.

I can honestly say that my absolute drive to get up in the morning is based on 2 things:

1 – To do the work I do helping people change their lives and,

2 – To contribute to the welfare of animals as well as the protection and conservation of our planet.

I’ve literally spent my life to date preparing for the business you see before you.  I’ve studied human-beings and their behaviours for the last 22 years, gained qualifications till they’ve come out of my ears (BSc, BA, MSc, CPsychol, PGCHE, HEA, Aaaaaghh!) and more importantly I’ve not just sat behind a pile of textbooks as I’ve always held a practical role outside of my teaching in my own business and consultancy.

I honestly can’t wait to share what I know with you and I’m so looking forward to the continuing growth of A.P.E on these pages you see before you!

If you want to know anything else that you can’t find via stalking here or on Google, just drop me a line and I’ll try to answer your questions.  Of course you can also go over to our Facebook page and other  social media platforms where I do a lot more sharing there.


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