A.P.E Charity

Ape Charity

We are super proud of our Charity at Ape-athy .

The bottom line is that of everything that you purchase, whether that be an on-line programme an in-person programme or downloadable product, even if you request a talk from one of our speakers; a portion of all profits will go to our APE Charity.

What is the APE Charity?

The A.P.E charity is geared towards having a direct, positive impact on our planet via animal welfare and conservation.

You see we believe here, that we can make all the positive changes in the world, but if we don’t also focus on the collective good, and that includes taking care of all living beings and ultimately the planet, there will be no ‘world’ in which to have this great life we are helping you to create…well, because there will be no world as we know it.

What happens to your money?

The portion of profits given to the charity each year will be made public both here on the site as well as in more detail via the newsletters which you can sign up to.  You can do that right here if you haven’t already:


You will be notified as to which charities we have helped, as well as the other places your money has gone to like talks, events and media driven education which we will make ourselves at APE headquarters.

Watch this space…

We are so grateful for your contribution to our charity.  We also look forward to telling more about our charity as we grow…..remember, we can all make a difference and as we say here at Ape-athy All it takes for one Ape to think differently!