Ape-athy is a practical psychology model that you use in your life to help you to get to where you want to be.  Simply put it’s a practical series of strategies that you can implement on a daily basis that will help you identify your blocks, understand your psychology and make big leaps forward.

As a philosophy, A.P.E is all about how by ‘thinking differently’, we can impact our evolution on a massive scale.

The A.P.E model is for people who are ready to change, hungry to change and willing to do what it takes to get to where they really want to be.

You can apply the model to anything in your life such as your career or business, your relationships, your sport, the lifestyle or financial success you desire…you fill in the blank.

A.P.E is not for the feint-hearted or those that aren’t willing to put the work in.  If you don’t do the work you may as well go back to eating that bag of crisps, watching day time TV and doing the lottery hoping for a better life.


1- The desire to help people change their lives.

Change happens in a moment.  Some of us struggle with that and my experience as a psychologist (and human being) has shown me that we are all more similar than different and in light of that, that we are all struggling with the same things.  A.P.E will help people over their hurdles and get them to where they want to be.

2- To create something honest.

By that I mean that I am fed up with the sneaky bombarding of sales crap that is ‘pyramiddy’ and annoying by the others trainers, coaches and ‘self-help’ people out there.  Here at A.P.E we aim to be refreshingly simple.  If you like what you see, come and join us.  If you don’t, have a lovely life…end of!

3- To have fun!

..lots and lots of fun! We love adventure and a like to spend time outside of our comfort zones.  Tis what life is made of…well, we think so.


Hello, that would be me Serena.

I could start banging on here about my experience and qualifications and all that stuff, if you want more of that CLICK HERE to be taken to my ‘Stalkers click here’ page.

Here you’ll find out all about that kinda stuff and about all the things I’ve done in my past life that has led me be the person here before you.

For now the most important things to know about me would be:

1 – Helping people change is my life purpose.

2 – I’m good at it.

Yep, I think that’s it…oh, and I look like this….notice attempt at flattering black and white pic!

Photo on 17-07-2016 at 13.26 #4

If you’d like to know more about why an APE is at the heart of APE (spoiler alert, it’s not just because of the convenience of the acronym), then also head over to our WHY THE APE PAGE, where you’ll find out exactly why an APE is at the very heart of this.

 In the meantime, if you have any questions we’d be happy to help you.

You can email us at info@ape-athy.com

No question is too big or small….or silly!

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