Interview with Sarah Harrison from Hotpod yoga…

Have you ever tried yoga?

Well, the next question is have you ever tried hot yoga?

I remember trying a hot yoga class when lived out in New Zealand, which yes, I did like, but it was a very different experience to the Hotpod yoga I started doing a couple of years ago (and no this isn’t an ad*).

There was something a bit magical for me about going into the womb of the pod, which was all warm and dark.  There was ambient music playing and beautiful smelling oils wafting through the air.

I think the pod itself gave some sense of safety and comfort for me, and also if truth be told, it felt less confronting to be moving my oh so un-supple body into cats and cows and camels!

In today’s video, I am therefore so fortunate to be able to share an interview with Sarah Harrison from Hotpod in Nottingham.  Not only does Sarah talk about some of the general benefits of yoga for anyone curious to try it, but she generously shares her own journey into the world of yoga.  She also tells us about her business journey and how her practice has changed over the years.

So much to learn form the wonderful interview…enjoy!

So, if you haven’t done hot yoga are you going to try it?

I  really can’t recommended it highly enough and would love to know what you think and if you’re going to give it a go?

For anyone wanting to find out more about Hotpod yoga you can visit the website by clicking on the picture below…you can also be taken through to book classes and get stuck straight into your own yoga journey!

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Until next week!

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