A.P.E Car Disc-e-oke: This week..Psychologists!

I’m so excited to bring you this week’s blog, which is APE Model’s first Car Disc-e-oke!

YAAAYYYY!  Can you tell I’m excited?

This will be the first of many interviews and Disc-e-okes that you’ll see, which are all about hearing from apes who are out there ‘thinking differently’, as the strap-line goes, as well as illustrating parts of the model itself.

These interviews will undoubtedly allow you to learn new things that I hope will inspire you and encourage you to take on new things yourself…or of course, just make you giggle…which is oh so good for the soul.

How apt that we begin the series this week with Psychologists, as this is my own profession as the founder of APE Model, and I just happen to know that there is so much to learn here, especially from these two amazing people.

So who are they?

They are the super-duper Professor Alex Sumich, and the incandescent Dr Claire Bloxham.  In the interview Alex and Claire tell us all about why they both entered the Psychology profession (spoiler – for one of them it had something to do with Ghostbusters!)..they then go on to tell us about the roles they have held, which include working in academia and also psychotherapy.

We also end up having a fascinating conversation all about depression and anxiety and discuss the most up to date research in the area and all this amongst laughing, and an attempt to sing a few songs in-between.

Without further ado…

**stay tuned for the outtakes!**

I hope you enjoyed watching this first Car Disc-e-oke as much as we enjoyed filming it. I’d also love to know what you’ve taken away from this interview, so please do comment below or email me with any questions at info@apeathy.com

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