Here at Ape-athy we are on a mission to inspire you to achieve your dreams, push your boundaries and essentially evolve your inner ape.  You see we happen to that think a life without purpose, one where you wake up every day feeling like you missed the boat on your dreams or that you are merely settling for the current status quo, well, isn’t good enough.

Our strap line here at Ape HQ is ‘all it takes is for one ape to think differently’; so if you’ve ever felt stuck, stagnant and have been scouring the universe for answers, looking for ways to help you change then look no further.

Ape-athy is for you if…

  • …you feel like you are doing things that don’t fulfil you on a daily basis, like being in a job that you hate!
  • …you know that there is more to the life that you are currently living,
  • …that you are NOT living to your fullest potential and are concerned at the thought of living an ‘it’s ok’ kinda life.
  • …you are fed up of the daily apathy that has set-in, where you feel like you’ve lost the motivation to keep going for your dreams….maybe you’ve even given up hope of ever doing those things that you dreamed of doing?
  • …you are a self-confessed self-help junkie, but realise that all you’ve read, attended and engaged with actually hasn’t moved you forward at all!
  • …you are worried that the dreams you’ve secretly held about what you want in life, from your own business to a loving relationship, will never be realised.
  • …you like asking the BIG questions in life, like why am I here, what am I here to do, really?….you were probably one of those annoying kids that was always saying whhhhyyyyyy!
  • You know there’s more to life than ‘this’, whatever ‘this’ is for you?
  • …you like a challenge and are always looking for the next thing that can improve where you are.
  • …you don’t like or need things to be sugar-coated.  In fact you prefer straight, honest communication (even when it’s not pretty).
  • …you like to have fun!

If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements then you are most definitely in the right place. We’d like to tell you why by telling you what we can do for you…


What we do…

We at Ape-athy are here to help overcome your barriers to help you to get to where you want to be and we do this by ultimately sharing our A.P.E model with you.

The A.P.E model is a model that helps you to not only make sense of why you are doing the things you are doing, but more importantly it gives you the insight needed to be able to have insight into your own psychology.   It’s this insight that can help you make the changes needed to move forward.

We do this by giving you ..                                                                           

Weekly videos & articles: Every week you’ll get a relevant article or video which highlights insightful and actionable ideas that will help you to unpick your current situation, move forward and inspire you try new things.

Blog: we publish regular content on our blog which is all geared to giving you the knowledge and tools you need to move forward and dig deep on the things that are having you stay stuck.  Some of it’s very funny….if we do say so ourselves.

Facebook group:  our Facebook page is our opportunity to engage with you daily.  Here we try to answer questions, start conversations, inspire you and tell you about all the latest news, events and anything else we think will be useful to you in your journey.  Of course it’s also a place to meet like-minded peeps like you!

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We hope you’ll join us!